My name is Tracy, but my superhero name is SCRIPTONAUT. I'm a 25 year old mommy of a two year old tornado- Charlie. I write for a local family magazine when I'm not camped out on Youtube or Twitter all day.
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Adventure is out there!

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Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”

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hand washing laundry. my life is so fabulous! #tinyapartment #fashion

so much has changed in a year- her baby face is gone, her hair is so much lighter but always messy ;)

Today I finished Tinkerbell for little miss! she even has bells inside so she can “talk” to you. #crochet #disney #plush

these two know how to party on vacation…



I didn’t know Siri did this, but I was just seeing what she would say, this is really great actually. This makes me happy

this is fucking awesome 

I had to embiggen the picture  I was waiting to see “I’ve found 3 bridges fairly close to you.”

this is better.

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That moment when you realize your toddler has been quiet in the other room

That moment when you realize your toddler has been quiet in the other room

designing new #disney #princess #crochet dolls- needed a summer project!

hanging in the blackout hotel. #eastcoast #drenchburg


Snow White [x]

The Disney Diet ;)

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☁  ☁ ☁  ☁  ☁ 

☁  ☁  ☁  ☁  

men               men                                    men

      men                  men                  men      men

                        men                                          men





              ☂                  ☂                      ☂               ☂

             lesbians         lesbians               lesbians      lesbians

It took me a shameful length of time to realize this was Raining Men on Lesbians, not Lesbian themed Asteroids….

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This part cracks me up every time without fail. I love Naveen! “Because your head.. it’s in the tuba.”

my favorite prince :)

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Pleated Jeans is quite a clever YouTube channel. He does funny videos, he does smart videos, he wears glasses and is a nerdy white guy with a small but growing community…so he’s basically Vlogbrothers in 2009. He’s been really smart with how he’s managed his channel, and he’s had a couple of viral hits. 

Unfortunately, one of his viral hits was so viral that YouTube’s algorithm flagged it as suspicious and his ability to run advertisements on the content was revoked. After more than a month of trying to get someone at YouTube to talk to him, he’s giving up and moving to a new channel where he will have to start from scratch. 

This infuriates me. It’s possible that, if he’d contacted me, I could have gotten his case reviewed higher up, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

So subscribe to his new channel, but also subscribe to his old one. Because I haven’t given up on getting it back.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Google and YouTube? This sort of bullshit happens all the time, and there’s just no excuse for it. Either hire more people to handle this sort of thing, or fix the code that’s flagging legit content creators and hurting their ability to make a living from their creations.

Subscribe- I flippin’ love Pleated Jeans and this whole thing sucks!